Friday, March 21, 2008

Random Link of the Day 21/03/08

Today's been kindof lulzy.
Listening to alot of Sonic Youth.

...and Aqua. FTL'z

Last night was actually really enjoyable. I really love seeing everyone having fun just like old times. This summer will definitely be FOR THE WIN.

Side note: Remember Boca? Lulzz.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's finally time to admit that my spending habits is an addiction. A horrible, over-consuming addiction. I finally realised that I cannot live like this anymore.

All the funds i've guzzled down unecessarily.
All of it i've spent on making myself feel better at life.

Is ending. Now.

With that being said, I am no longer going out. For a month, I am going into hiding. Bye guys.

Also with that being said. I'm going to focus on the free things in life. Hugs, drawing, walks.

I am going to hate this.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Muse OfMoonlightMadness (
March 14, 2008 4:42:53 PM
Ryse Massé (
Sorry, there is so much going on right now and i dont have a computer for regular checking. O.kay, i will be auditioning for the Burlesque group at the end of this Month....i havent advertised that yet, so you have an advantage of having lots of time to come up with your own original burlesque act, to a song on cd of your choice. Make it your own and be yourself- or your alter ego burly self, but thats still you! Try to keep it 3 minutes. I want to form the group as soon as possible. I'm already planning a huge Vaudville Burlesque art show at the Gas Station Theatre, it's going to be a fundraiser, so there is a chance we will make little if any profit for ourselves, but i sense its going to be BIG, Freq 107 is considering sponsoring it with on air promotion, im trying to get Jagermeister to sponsor it as well. I'm going to promot the hell out of it... there will also be free wine and food for the audience so that is a huge draw in itself. And i hope some press will come. This will be our big introduction as Winnipegs first professional Burlesque Group. So, we may not make any money, but from a promotional and publicity stand point, its a good first move.I will let you know the date of the audition, i should know within a couple days.Thank you for staying in touch. ~Angela "La Muse"


Tuesday, March 4, 2008