Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Because you'll probably never read this...

I think you should really consider paying me back, both for the finances that i've footed for you for an entire year and 2 months, in addition to the emotional stress that you've costed me (my health is far more important to me than you'd ever imagine it would be...think about it.) With you, it was a constant downward spiral. There was no love, no lust, no will, no dedication, no financial security, no compassion, no understanding (coming from YOUR part). It was always give, give, give with nothing in return. You get what you give. And you know that now.

I've lost my train of thought on the subject, just know that I am doing a whole hell of alot better without you in the picture. I'm so over this, but this is somewhat of closure for myself. I will never receive what I should've from you. Although, I don't regret the whole experience, I am definitely treating it as something to learn from. You can make note that I want nothing to do with you no longer as your presence in my life is redundancy at its best.


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calories said...

Oh Hey!
I'll have to show you how to change all this stuffone day when I'm at your place.