Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I want a scooter for the summer.

So many times i've gone to update this thing, yet nothing ever seems worth writing down. Really all I want to spend time doing is hanging out with Mike, writing some electro, listening to Joy Division and/or other compelling artists and chilling out inwith my socks on top of my leggings, most of which happens on a daily basis, all of which consumes my thoughts on a daily basis. Kara's getting a microphone with her tax return money and hopefully she'll be importing some sweet music programs that we'll be able to use in a matter of months.

Soo, it looks like i'll be heading down for the yearly Minneapolis trip in 2 weeks. Such short notice, but it's kindof nice that way. I still haven't told my work that I have to take a day off. LOL WUT?

Every body else's blogs are all so cryptic and metaphorical, how come I can't write that way? I've always been so straight forward. I guess that's what makes or breaks a great writer. If i'd have to put a label on my writing, it'd definitely be along the lines of a boring auto-biographist, whilst others would write beautiful poems or popular teen angst novels. Stories that sell, while mine would collect dust on the shelves at the back of the library.

Oh well.

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