Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Since I have not updated in a short while, I have comprised a list of items that will help every body tune in to what i've been up to as of late.

What keeps me entertained lately:

Richard Avedon Photography
Carl de Keyver Photography
Cheating on crosswords
Bicycling and just general outdoor excersise
Packing (barf)
Generally being a sassy brat

What i'm setting my sights on:

Moving out this weekend
Comfy Beds
Onsite Laundry
Reading "Sex, Drugs, and Coacoa Puffs"
Getting a passport
Haircuts (Need Guinney Pigs plz)
Summer in general

So I finally watched Across the Universe last night. Talk about jumping the bandwagon of shitty musicals. Worst story line ever....oh maybe because it was non-existant? The movies' only saving grace is that hot Liverpoolian actor Jim Sturgess. Other than that, I hate Evan Rachel Wood because she's dating Marilyn Manson.

I need a nap. Blaaah.

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Anonymous said...

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