Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Fabulous, splendid weekend.

Karlie, Ryan and I had a Two Rivz-dancing-mega fun night, omission of the jacket thief. I walked the way home partially enshrouded in my blurry drunken haze and short skirted and t-shirted. Waking up, my lungs felt the cool breeze of the night before but it was well worth it. Loosing my favorite jacket on the other hand, majorly uncool.

Went for breakfast/crosswords and left shortly after to attempt to find myself a hat at the mall. It says alot about me when i'm too hungover to make a decision between two hats that looked comparatively similar. After long debation, I left the mall, hatless. :S

Went to the Lives of Many/Elephant/Shad (skate for cancer) show at the West End where I hung out with 3 lovely ladies. Those girls are always up for spontaneous dance parties in peoples kitchens... which is what I attempted at a couple times at the after party at the Lives of Many house. All I got were a couple of jockey dudes looking perplexed at me while I was trying to breakdance DDD:

Had to leave the party fairly early cause I was working at 6 am the next day. What a bummer. When Mike and I go to Toronto, I know i'll have a blast cause those people were rad. Anyways, Torso [Bertha] was there with her roomate and just sat on the couch all night.

Worked on sunday then very tiredly, went to Mike's chest tattoo appointment. At my arrival, I was immediately greeted by the amicable and hospitable Zion. Also i'd like to point out that Mike laying on a tattoo bed + Motorhead playing above me = sweet sweet heaven.

After that, picked up some pizza and vegged to Seinfeld a bit before heading off to the Forks for the Fireworks, then headed off to the Kings Head for a midnight drink (balls to them now closing at 12:00 on sunday nights).

Monday was spent moping around the house, vaccuming, dusting, doing the dishes and all that boring stuff that comes with being domestic. Went to American Apparel then waited around for Mylene to call me to go out for some JAVA. Finally around 7:30 she came a-rolling round, went to the Fyxx for food and then headed to Bar I for some drinks. I had a dream last night that I opened up a bar called "Bar U". I'm pretty fucking clever in my dreams....or not.

Long weekends are never long enough.


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