Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So much to write about (this is a first). So much to put onto ink and paper (or keyboard and megapixel?) I should really be doing my homework though. Bah...

I was upstairs, emersing my hands in dishes when I started thinking about how life sometimes throws curveballs at you. And completely blind side you. And potentially harms you and you sit out for the rest of the inning. Well, I said, life is something like that. It's a metaphor for everything. I've been suffering from heartache for 3 weeks, sometimes in public and sometimes in secret, and then I started thinking, I should really give myself some credit for the efforts i've been ACTUALLY doing, rather than focusing on how much i've been grieving.

Life gives you back what you put into it. Like for example, if you write songs about someone, somewhere down the line, a song will be written about you wether or not you have the knowledge about it. And this is a fantastic thing because the nice thing about it is that whatever positive thougths you're thinking, it will happen and vice versa as well. Now I know this all sounds like a big huge shout out to Oprah and her fucking "The Secret" book (not written by her but heavily endorsed) but believe it or not, I'm starting to think it's no longer a scam. It is written in pretty poor litterature though...ohwell. It's self help and i'm loving it. Strong and Confident Ryse is making a comeback. FULL FORCE!

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