Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cut the Blood Supply, Tie a Lassoo around my Heart

Someone needs to save me from this ominous, sinister mood i've been in. If I get another person ask me if i'm having a bad day, i'm going to punch a train. The answer is YES! I was having a glorious day until you drew a black cloud over my head and let it pour rain from your mouth. God.

School is funny. And by funny I mean, possibly the biggest fails are in my class. What kindof person goes around living and breathing...and NOT knowing who "The Cure" and "David Bowie" are. It fucking disgusts me. I legitemately wanted to stick hair pins in her eyes, and bend her head back until her neck broke.


So, councelling is going well if any one cared to know. The first session went swimmingly well. I was shit nervous for the second session for some reason, but that one ended up swelling my head with confidence. I don't think i'm going to need to go past the 8 sessions, but it would be a good idea just to keep up with it. Chantale is like my lollipop after a doctors appointment, she makes me feel so much better and its like all the bad things that just happened return to zero. However, I found after that last session, the bad thoughts we're returning, much quicker. I'm really really trying, but...there are some things I'd like to have been different by now, and they aren't, things that are completely beyond my control now...and ugh. I just want the air to be cleared and it's hard going in a roundabout way to get your answers. I feel completely short changed and I need some closure to feel better. Will I ever be able to hear the things I need in order to move on? One can only hope.

I also love impromptu blogs.

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